03 Dec

2017 SARS Summer News

Greetings SARS Families and Friends-

I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm summer! Time is flying by as school and fall sports are starting up and ski season is just around the corner! Over the summer months, SARS completed two exceptional summer camps of our own while supporting a number of other divisional and regional projects. As of now, our staff is gearing up for the new ski season which is rapidly approaching. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some ski racing and SARS program updates, as well as provide you with some important up and coming events and deadlines.

YSL Teams:
We continue to grow at the YSL level in terms of overall athlete numbers and athletic success! Our goal is to keep this progression going while making some subtle changes as we go. The largest growth has been with the YSL two and three-day level and especially the number of athletes traveling and competing on the EEYSL circuit. Thanks for your feedback, we will be adding in the YSL race travel fees to next seasons tuition. This will save all of us a lot of work without increasing the overall cost. 2017-18 two and three-day YSL fees will include tuition, team uniform, Nastar pass, and YSL athlete travel fees. Stay tuned for our club registration which will open September 1st.

Junior Teams (U14, U16, &FIS):
Once again we anticipate strong numbers at the Junior level this year with roughly 55 athletes and approximately eight coaches (four of which are full time). Our Junior teams continue to succeed starting at the U14 level as we are repeat BWC Champions. We’re anticipating a very strong U16 team with approximately 18 athletes (four of whom are former PNSA Buddy Werner Champions). Our 2017 -18 FIS team will be comprised of a broad range of athletes encompassing Noram level skiers to NWC circuit competitors all of which we intend to support in reaching the various individual and team goals set forth.
Note: the PNSA calendar is likely to be modified by mid-September. This will likely change the layout of the U14 and U16 race schedules.
Also, stay tuned for a couple exciting junior team program modifications that are currently in the works as well as a Junior Teams staffing matrix.

Masters Teams:
Our Masters program will continue to offer a variety of different levels of competitive based training ranging from a 6 pack punch card all the way up to a full-time four-day commitment. The Masters Memorial Race will again be a three-event series back on the Zip Down Race Venue consisting of 3 SG races, 1 GS, and 1SL.
SARS youth parents, let one of the Masters coaches or I know if you would like to give gate training a try this winter!

Freeride Team:
The SARS Junior Freeride Program is taking on a new face in the 2017-18. The competitive based program will be targeting the Regional Junior Freeride Tour (aka Big Mountain Judged Competitions). This is the program for the strong skiing enthusiastic athlete looking for an alternative to racing yet still has a desire to be a member of a team, compete, and improve all-around skiing skills by means of coaching. Participation/time requirements are significantly less than that of our partner race programs at this level of participation and competition.
Youngsters interested in the SARS Junior freeride team that are not age eligible should seek further technical training with either the SARS race team or one of the Schweitzer Mountain Resort youth programs (Mountain Riders or Funatics). SARS YSL race teams spend the majority of their time honing racing as well as all-mountain skills while gaining a love and appreciation for the sport and competing in Home Series races. YSL aged athletes that choose not to travel and compete at EEYSL races have the option to participate in all resort related age appropriate events.
Ages: U16 and older (birth years 2003 or 14 and older by January 1st.)
Athletes: must be strong technically proficient skiers that can easily ski the entire mountain (previous race experience is highly encouraged).
Competitions: Junior Freeride Tour Events (aka Big Mountain Judged Competitions)
-The team will identify roughly four competitions within our region with the expectation that SARS Freeride team members will compete in at least two of them.
-The Freeride Team will travel as a team using the same model as our Junior Race Teams (see parent handbook)
Training: beginning with a three-day Holiday Camp and every Saturday thereafter. Training sessions will include but are not limited to: Technical skiing instruction, safety, line selection, and competition judging criteria.

Start Shack:
Thanks to the generous contributions received at the 2017 SARS dinner auction, we are engaging in some new infrastructure.
First, SARS has recently placed an order for a 10′ X 15′ heavy duty vinyl weather port (portable) start shack. By being mobile, we will be able to utilize the new structure in a number of locations on a variety of runs used for racing. In 2017 alone, we used five different start locations on Zip Down. In the future, we will be able to easily assemble this professional looking high-quality structure in each of the desired start locations.
Secondly, we are in the process of making plans for a small permanent structure to be located near the top of Stella! The proposed two-story building will be used for race and training equipment storage, race crew headquarters, and perhaps most importantly an athlete video viewing and warming hut to be used during backside training sessions.
Again, a huge thank you to those of you who have made this possible and to SMR for your ongoing support!

SARS Sponsorship:
Thanks to all of our generous sponsors. We had another banner year in 2017 thanks in large part to your support.
In an effort to continue to grow our sponsorship program as well as demonstrate an even stronger level of appreciation to our club sponsors, we’ve made some modifications to next years SARS sponsorship program.
First, we have added a top tier (Platinum level sponsorship) featuring four distinct patch locations available on the front of the jacket. This level will also have distinguished logo recognition on team vans and within the competition arena.
Our Gold level sponsors will also have team jacket visibility on the sleeves. We have room for up to four patches per sleeve on this years team uniforms.
Having added a top-tier Platinum level, we’ve decided to reduce our prices on Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors.
Here is a link to our website sponsorship page. By viewing the five-page slideshow, you will see all of the details pertaining to the coming season. Please feel free to call or email me and I’d be happy to meet with you in person.
Please keep in mind that our team jackets and event banners are time sensitive. We’re attempting to have met our sponsorship goal by October 15, 2017.

Important Dates: (continue to check the sars web site for more info on the following)
Aug. 1 – Oct. 31 SARS Sponsorship Procurement Window
Sept. 1 Registration Opens
Sept. 23-24 PNSA ACC meeting and officials clinic
Sept. 29, 30 Equipment Days and Team Jacket Fitting (Spokane Area)
Sept. 30 Possible FIS team meeting (still need to hone this in)
Oct. 15 Early Reg. Closes
Oct. 16 Program prices increase by 10%
Nov. 2 U14 and U16 team meeting / Impact testing in CDA
Nov. 10,11 SARS Ski Swap Fundraiser
Nov. 19 – 25 Fall Camp #1 in Panorama (U12 and Older)
Nov. 30 – Dec. 5 Fall Camp #2 (U16 and FIS only)
Dec. 2,3 Coaches Ed weekend
Dec. 9 First day of SARS Youth Programs
Dec. 16 First day of SARS Masters Programs
Dec. 27 – 31 SARS Holiday Camp
Dec. 28-31 SARS Masters Holiday Camp
Dec. 31 Home Series #1 (GS, skills quest)
Jan. 13 YSL / parent tuning clinic
Jan. 20,21 EEYSL #1 at SARS (1SL, 1GS)
Jan. 30 – Feb. 4 WR FIS Speed Series (2SG,2DH)
Feb. 10,11 EEYSL #2 at SSRA (SL,1GS)
Feb. 22 – 25 SARS Masters Race (3SG,1GS,1SL)
Mar. 3,4 EEYSL #3 at 49 (2SG,1GS)
Mar. 10 Home Series #2 (Panel SL, skills quest)
Mar. 10 SARS Dinner Auction
Mar. 24,25 EEYSL #4 Lookout (1GS,1SL)
Mar. 29 – Apr. 1 U14 BWC at SARS (SGtr, SG, GS, SL, skills quest)
Mar. 31 Tammy Powell Home Series Final #3 (GS, skills quest)

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions about the coming season.

Enjoy the rest of August!