2022 YSL (U8-U12) and Junior (U14 and up) Races

More info on the races below found by following the links above.

  • December 31st: Home Series Race #1 @Schweitzer
  • January 8th-9th: EEYSL Race #1 @ Schweitzer (2 GS)
  • January 22nd-23rd: U14 Qualifiers @Schweitzer
  • January 27th-28th: Northwest Cup #1 (U16) @Schweitzer
  • February 5th-6th: EEYSL #2 @Mount Spokane (2 slalom)
  • February 13th-18th: Western Region FIS Speed Series @Schweitzer (2 super G, 2 DH)
  • February 13th-14th: U14 Qualifier #2 @Mount Hood Ski Bowl (1 slalom, 1 GS)
  • March 1st-4th: U14 Qualifier #3 @Mission Ridge (3 super G)
  • March 12th-13th: EEYSL #3 @Lookout Pass (1GS, 1 slalom)
  • March 20th: Silver Cup (EEYSL non-league 1-day race) @Silver Mountain
  • March 26th: Tammy Power Home Series Final and last day of YSL @Schweitzer
  • April 1st-3rd: PNSQ Buddy Werner Championships @Schweitzer