SARS Training Camps

In addition to SARS winter programs, we provide optional race training camps in the summer and fall for the highly competitive and goal-oriented athlete seeking more on hill time. The summer camps are typically geared more towards technical skill development while camps in the fall intend to prepare the athlete for the competition season.

Specific details for the individual camps such as camp content and age eligible athletes can be found under the Camps menu at the top of the page. For those seeking any additional information or have a specific question about one of the SARS camps, please reach out to one of the SARS head coaches.

2022 Big Sky Fall Camp

Location:  Big Sky, Montana


  • Arrival 11/16/2022 (skiing: 11/17 – 11/23)
  • Return home the 23rd  following training

The first team meeting is mandatory and will be in the Huntley Lodge commons area at 7:00 pm Mtn time by the fireplace.      

Age eligibility: U12 and older (born in 2012 or older)

New for 2022:  Big Sky is requiring all athletes to stay in team lodging and they are not offering any parent lodging packages.  This means that we have a one size fits all fall camp that includes lodging, lift tickets and a meal plan (3 meals per day).  Parents are welcome to attend but will need to book lodging for themselves independently from SARS.

Lodging: The team is staying in the Huntley Lodge (hotel rooms) with two athletes per room.  When completing your registration form please list your Childs 1st and 2nd pick for lodging.  We will do our best to accommodate these wishes but there are no guarantees.

Meals: When completing registration from, please list any food allergies.

  • Dinner provided on arrival night
  • Three meals per day provided during duration of camp
  • Breakfast and lunch only provided on our last day of skiing / check out day.

Transportation- SARS is planning to provide transportation to and from Big Sky this season.  We have three vans and two trailers.  If any parents are planning to attend, we might need some assistance with transportation depending on total number of attendees.

Camp Content:  GS and Slalom – Seven days on snow – training four hours per day.  On some days training sessions will be straight through, while on other days it may be broken into two separate two hour blocks.


  • $1,750 – Full Camp: Includes lift tickets, training space, 3 meals per day, lodging, coaches’ expenses, and travel. Please note that Big Sky has race training only occurring November 17th – November 23rd. This means no public skiing.  For those parents that plan on being over there throughout the week, plan accordingly. 

2022 Big Sky Fall Camp Registration

Register early as space is limited. Be sure your SARS athlete meets age eligibility requirements before registering for this camp. Registration deadline is November 1, 2022. Non-SARS athletes, please contact Program Director, Jamie Landwehr (208-946-7859) prior to registering for this camp.
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  • Indicate your Child's first and second choice for lodging partner. We will do our best to accommodate these wishes but there are no guarantees.

  • Program Waivers/Agreements

    Please read each waiver/agreement below carefully. These are contracts and by selecting "Yes" and by registering through the SARS website you are agreeing to conduct this transaction by electronic means as set forth in the Idaho Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. By completing electronic signature fields, you are indicating that it is an electronic signature and an act attributable to you.

  • Agreement to Assume Risk of Injury

    I have become a member of or have enrolled my child as a participant or competitor in Schweitzer Alpine Racing School, hereafter referred to as the Racing Association. I understand skiing and snowboarding involves risk of injury due to causes including, but not limited to, loss of control or falling, contact with unexpected or expected snow conditions, contact with objects, and whether above or below snow surface: Variations in terrain, surface or subsurface snow or ice conditions; bare spots, rocks, trees or other forms of forest growth or debris, lift towers or components thereof; utility poles, racing gates constructed of bamboo, fiberglass or other materials, and snow grooming equipment. With knowledge and appreciation of the risk of injury I nevertheless desire to become a member of or enroll myself or my minor child in ski or snowboard instructional program or racing event knowing for myself or for my child that it is each skiers or boarders sole and individual responsibility to know the range of his or her own ability to negotiate any slope or trail, to ski or board within the limits of his or her own ability, to maintain reasonable control of speed and course at all times while skiing and boarding, to heed all posted warnings, to ski or board only in an area designated by the ski area operator and to refrain from acting in a manner which may cause or contribute to the injury of anyone. Individually, and/or as a parent, I hereby agree to release from liability and indemnify and hold harmless the Racing Association, its agents, successors, assigns, owners, employees, members, officers, directors and landowners including, but not limited to, the persons mentioned, from and all claims and liabilities, including costs and attorneys fees, or harm, injury or damage arising out of or in connection with my participation or the participation of any minor child entrusted to my care in the programs or activities of the Racing Association, whether or not caused by the negligence of the Racing Association, its agents successors, owners employees, members, officers, directors and landowners from any and all claims and liabilities, including attorneys fees for any trial or appeal, arising out of or in connection with my participation by me or my family, estate, heirs or assigns. I understand that this may have been caused by the negligence of the parties referred to hereinabove.

    This agreement includes participation in any and all other team functions. By accepting the terms, it is an authorization for the Ski Team Coach or Assistant Coach to arrange for necessary medical treatment he or she deems necessary for my child in case of an accident.

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2022 Panorama Fall Camp

More information coming soon