Team Jacket Pick-up this Saturday at SARS Coaches Room (and other news)

Things are beginning to come together for us at home with some more snow this week and hopefully again next.  We are, however, in a bit of a holding pattern for our YSL teams starting date until more terrain is available.

Tentatively, we are set to begin our YSL 1 and 2 day program on Sunday the 15th.  The 14th is set aside for YSL coaches training so all YSL athletes U8-U12 will be able to join on Sunday the 15th.

Please remember that STARS (five and six year olds) does not start until December 27th with the five day Holiday Camp.  SARS Junior teams, may have alternate plans so stay tuned U14’s and U16’s.

Team Jackets- YSL and Junior team Jacket pick up will be Saturday, December 7th from 8-11 am and again on Saturday, December 14th from 8 – 10 am out in front of the coaches room which is on the lower level of the Lake View Lodge.

Freeride Team Jackets are still having logos applied and will not be available this weekend.
Time to ski!– Tee your young ones up to succeed.  Although we have yet to begin our programs we encourage you to get out there and ski a few days prior to our first day as a club.  If you’re headed up this weekend, please remind your child to:
  • Stay on groomed terrain until we have more snow
  • Avoid using brand new skis if possible
  • Remember that when skiing in your team jacket, you’re not only representing yourself, but SARS and SMR.
  • Respect other skiers speed and space.Ski under control
  • Stop in safe places off to the sides of the run.Avoid skiing in large groups
  • Please be courteous to the SMR employees and other guests.
  • Place your skis in racks
  • and most importantly have fun out there!

If conditions continue to improve here is our Club Schedule of events to get us through the Holiday Season.  Keep in mind this is subject to change.

  • YSL Coaches training on Dec. 14th
  • Junior teams (U14 & U16) are scheduled to begin on Dec. 14th.
  • YSL 1, 2, 3 day programs are scheduled to begin on Dec. 15th.
  • STARS (5 & 6 year olds) begin training on December 27th.  Stay tuned for a meet and greet parent meeting on one of the first couple days after training
  • Friday training sessions for three day athletes will begin on December 20th.
  • Mid – week (Wednesday and Thursday afternoon) sessions will begin after the new year.
  • SARS Holiday camp is December 27th – 31st.  All YSL, STARS, and Junior team athletes are eligible for training the entire week
  • Annual Board meeting date is TBD during the Holiday week
  • Home Series Number 1 for all YSL and STARS athletes is slated for December 31.  Details to come.
  • First Day for Freeride team is Dec. 28th.  More info to come for freeride families.
  • Freeride Holiday camp is Dec. 28 – 30 (3 days)

Next week we will send out an update with more information including; groups, coaches, meeting locations, and head coach contact so please stay tuned.

Coach Jamie

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