Special thanks to all of our generous sponsors. Your support has a tremendous impact on the success of the Schweitzer Alpine Racing School. Contributions such as yours enable SARS athletes of all income levels to pursue a healthy life-time sport in the Inland Northwest. We encourage all of our members, friends, and alumni to support those that support youth sports and specifically SARS.

Sponsor Brochure Slideshow (click to view)

With your support, SARS will enrich the lives of our region’s youth for generations to come. The success of the Schweitzer Alpine Racing School is dependent on winter oriented competition production, corporate sponsorships, and special events such as the fall ski swap and winter dinner auction. These events together require and use hundreds of hours of volunteer effort and work. SARS (a 501 c 3 non-profit entity) must fund-raise approximately 50% of the annual operating budget to meet the financial demands of each season. Individual contributions make the difference. Your contribution will go far to support many of our young athletes.

To learn more about SARS, its sponsorship program or have any questions prior to becoming a sponsor, please view slideshow above or contact Jamie Landwehr, Program Director (208-946-7859).

Calendar of events for 2023/2024 season:

  • Ski Swap
  • Northwest Cup #1
  • Home Series #1 – 12/31
  • U14 Qualifier #1
  • EEYSL #1
  • WR FIS Speed Series
  • Auction
  • Masters
  • Home Series #2 / Final