Endowment Fund

The SARS Endowment fund began in 2000 and continues through the initiative and generosity of a few Schweitzer Alpine Racing School member and alumni families. Dedicated to supporting SARS athletes through scholarship awards, the endowment has enjoyed steady growth since its inception. Overseen by the SARS Endowment Committee and supported fully by donations to a managed fund, the endowment is used exclusively to support SARS athletes in their competitive skiing pursuits.

SARS athletes in need of financial assistance can apply to the endowment committee for funds to help with camp participation, race attendance and travel, and ski program tuition and support. Endowment funds can cover up to 50% of a set ski competition related cost, with the family responsible for the balance. If you are interested in applying to the endowment, please contact Jamie Landwehr (jamie@sars.net), SARS Program Director, and he will connect you to the endowment committee.

The SARS Endowment is supported fully by generous donations in a managed fund. One goal of the endowment committee is to oversee a sustainable fund supported annually by donations and successful management. If you are interested in supporting the endowment fund, SARS Program Director Jamie Landwehr (jamie@sars.net) can connect you to the endowment committee.